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How to install the clutch booster?

1. The vacuum booster is the soul of the brake system. There is a key component indispensable in the whole braking process, that is, the vacuum booster of the brake;

2. The reason for the emergence of this component is very simple. It is because the force of stepping on the brake pedal with your foot is far from enough to stop a high-speed car;

3. The assistance of a vacuum booster is required. The vacuum booster is also very easy to recognize in the engine compartment. The black thing is like a pan;

4. Vacuum booster is a component that uses vacuum (negative pressure) to increase the force exerted by the driver on the pedal;

5. The vacuum booster is usually located between the brake pedal and the brake master cylinder. In order to facilitate installation, it is usually combined with the master cylinder as a component, and a part of the master cylinder goes deep into the vacuum booster housing.